Saturday, 28 June 2008

Scores in Judo

In Judo competition the objective is to score an ippon (one full point). Once such a score is obtained the competition ends.

If the time runs out with neither contestant scoring an ippon, then the referee will award the win to the contestant who has the next highest score. For example a contestant with one yuko would win against an opponent who scored 4 kokas.

Ippon : An ippon can be scored by one of the following methods:

Executing a skillful throwing technique which results in one contestant being thrown largely on the back with considerable force or speed.
Maintaining a pin for 25 seconds.
One contestant cannot continue and gives up.
One contestant is disqualified for violating the rules (hansoku-make).
Applying an effective armbar or an effective stranglehold (this does not usually apply for children).

Waza-ari: A waza-ari can be earned by: 1) a throwing technique that is not quite an ippon (for example the opponent lands only partly on the back, or with less force than required for ippon); 2) holding one contestant in a pin for 20 seconds; or 3) when the opponent violates the rules (shido) three times.

Yuko : 5 points The number of yuko scores is unlimited. If during a contest one judoka scores 3 yukos; the othera waza-ari, than waza-ari wins. The points are more important than the number of scores.

Yuko score:
A throw that is partially lacking in two of three elements necessary for ippon
A hold-down for 15-19 seconds
Opponent got two penalties

Koka = 3 points.The number of koka scores is unlimited. Koka score:

When Uke lands on his thigh or buttocks
A hold-down for 10 - 14 seconds
Opponent got a shido.

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