Sunday, 13 July 2008

Morote Seonage

Well, after nearly 16years off the mat I finally returned with avengance joining in the with the "seniors" in the joint class - a mix of Long Tower Club members and our own.

The seniors are in fact 15 - 18 years olds, and including myself there were 7 of us - highest ranked judoka on the night being Johnathan McGowan, a very promising up and coming star.

Not sure who it was, but during the technique practices my ribs took a knock and I am in agony right now - just a lesson to remind me that I'm a 40-year old and not a teenager! Certainly felt good though throwing morote seoinage again, and though I probably only say it myself, it seemed technically correct as well.

Some randori finished off the seniors session before some fun with the youngsters - its amazing how much came back to me once I was actually partnered up; and I have to say, the two blue belt girls from Long Tower - what a fight they put up!

Mental note to self - practice counter throws ready for the next session!

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